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12 Actors Who HATED Their Own Movies

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We all do work we’re not exactly proud of every now and again, and actors are no different–In fact most actors, from seasoned A-Listers to up-and-coming stars, have made a film or two they aren’t exactly thrilled about. So today we’re breaking down 12 actors who confessed to hating their own movies, right here on Listed!

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5 thoughts on “12 Actors Who HATED Their Own Movies

  1. Well Robert, you wouldn’t be this famous it it wasn’t for those shitty movies of Twilight and you did 4 of them If I am not wrong

  2. Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t hate Harry Potter, just his performance in the sixth film (Half-Blood Prince). Just to clarify.

    Though, all of us Potterheads think he was fine in that film! Dan, you’re very modest, and much too hard on yourself.

  3. One person I think could be on here is Misha Collins in his role in “Karla”. He’s said before he regrets that movie and the character he had to play, which was a rapist who raped and killed 3 girls with his girlfriend/wife (it’s based on a true story if you wanna look it up) and I really don’t blame him.

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