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Ariana Grande Faces Another Concert Scare After Man Arrested For Attack Threats

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A manhunt was launched just yesterday by detectives who suspected a culprit had posted threatening messages in Arabic about a potential terrorist attack at Ariana Grande’s upcoming Costa Rica show. According to The Associated Press, the messages were tracked on a website for concert organizers, and the man in question is a 22-year-old Columbian native with the last name, Caicedo Lopez.

He was picked up following a raid on his apartment just yesterday, just outside of San Jose, where officers were allegedly able to confiscate his two cell phones which were used to make the threats. Not many details were released about what exactly the threats entailed, however, Judicial Investigation Department director Walter Espinoza, who led the investigation against Caicedo Lopez, revealed in a recent statement that QUOTE, “The original threat was in the Arabic language and indicated that there could be a situation of danger or an attack at the concert. It was a very sensitive situation.”

Authorities were able to trace the origin of the notes, and the raid was scheduled for dawn. The investigation was allegedly dubbed a success due to the joint efforts of Costa Rica’s Department of Intelligence and National Security and the Ministry of Public Security.

The news comes on the heels of the May 22nd attack at Ariana’s show in Manchester, when a suicide bomber killed 22 people, but thankfully, Ari’s show in Costa Rica this week was able to go on as safely as planned although fans were forced to go through THREE security checks for extra safety precautions.

Ariana has yet to comment on the attempted terrorist attack, however she did post a photo to Instagram following her show, accompanied by a simple, “I love you, Costa Rica”. Definitive proof that love conquers all, and that we will never live our lives in fear.

I’ve also gotta give a major shout out to the brave authorities around the world who never stop fighting for our safety – your bravery and courage does not go unnoticed. But right now I want to know all your thoughts on the terrifying threats that once again targeted Ariana’s show, and while you’re at it, spread some love and positivity today! After you’re done commenting, be sure to click right over here to see the heartfelt way Ariana paid tribute to the youngest Manchester attack victim. Thanks so much for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Miriam Isa and I’ll see you next time.

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5 thoughts on “Ariana Grande Faces Another Concert Scare After Man Arrested For Attack Threats

  1. Ariana doesn’t deserve this, after what happened in Manchester she really does not need another death at her concert

  2. Dudes got it out for Ariana Grande. It’s like since the first attack, she has a target on her head. This is so messed up.

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