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Taylor Swift Teases “LWYMMD” Video & Does “Reputation” Release Date Diss Kanye’s Mom? (DHR)

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Taylor Swift released a “Look What You Made Me Do” music video teaser, and is the “Reputation” release date a dig at Kanye’s mom?

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6 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Teases “LWYMMD” Video & Does “Reputation” Release Date Diss Kanye’s Mom? (DHR)

  1. Yeah the songs not the best…even tho it is slightly catchy but if Taylor wants to throw shade and stand up for herself. Sometimes the best way to tell others to back off is to become an ice cold queen. Good for her. Owning up to her mistakes and stop playing the innocent princess. Taking a dark twist is never that bad. Most of us like the villains in movies and this is no difference. She wants to be a bad A queen. So let her be. I know she puts out music for us and we make her career a thing but at the end of the day it is what Taylor wants to do. If she is happy with this then back off and let her be.

  2. Taylor Honestly deserved everything that came too her. cuz she got caught lying being sneaky and calculating. By multiple people may I add… Kanye, Kim, Katy and even her own ex Calvin.And now she is going to be the victim again…. really grow up and own your shit. It makes me laugh when she says the line about karma …. like girl your making more bad karma cuz you won’t own your shit and say sorry to all the people you hurt. It’s sad to see so much talent being wasted on just being a bitch. I used to really like her and her music .I hope she matures soon she 28 right hopefully soon.

  3. Drew, you’re such a petty little child. A lie told a 100 times isn’t gonna get true – she didn’t lie. He did not confirm calling her a bitch and she didn’t approve of that. That’s the whole issue. And that’s what small minded people like you can’t understand. And Jackie, you’re just disappointing. This whole video’s just full of hate and plane disrespectful. Will definitely consider disliking the page.

  4. This “she’s playing the victim” narrative is exactly what she’s talking about. You don’t know the whole story, you only know half of it. I hope she drags the media in her album, yall deserve it.

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